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Drinks brought to you by
- A​ can of Hard Seltzer.

T​opo Chico: The worst Ad?

It​ is just so weird.

Robin Ho posted in Drinks
2w ago

A​ while ago, I had tried out some Topo Chico Hard Seltzers. They were okay, but they were also nothing really Special. It all seemed like a Fad that somehow has jumped the Pond from the United States and that now lingers here.

I​ still have not really given up on the Drink-Style though, as I have kinda made it my Mission to actually try out all the Hard Seltzers that I can get my Hands on. And I actually have some more, of German Origin, in the Pipeline. More on that later.

L​ate, I have been presented with more and more Topo Chico Ads though.

A​ctually, it has been only one obnoxious Ad. And it is not even a good one. In my Eyes, it does not even really reference the Product, except for a short bit in the Middle and then again at the End of the short Clip.

B​ut judge that for yourself. I definitely think they could have done better.

T​opo Chico, originally a Mexican Bottled Water brand owned by Coca Cola, even has much better ads than that. That one actually kinda made me want to drink a Bottle of that Water, which I just can not get here in Germany.

S​ometimes, things just work better when you do not just chant the Brand Name all Day long and do nothing else but that.

A​nd the pure Visuals are not even that bad. The rest kinda is.

B​ut what do you think of tha Ad? Tell us in the Comments down below, or forever hold your peace. 😬

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Comments (20)

  • I find it strange 🤣 also I hate the other advert they have which repeats the word Chico topo over and over as its called topo Chico?!? Very annoying and definitely a gimmick by coke it won’t be around long I doubt

      17 days ago
  • Um . . so this is . . sort of a beer, but without the taste of beer? Like a carbonated and slightly boozed up water? I've never seen or tried anything like that. Is it worth trying?

      17 days ago
  • I am not a fan of seltzer at all. Plus the ABV on them are to low for me to care.

      16 days ago
    • That is true. But most Beers are around the same Level (ABV).

        16 days ago
    • Yeah, I don't drink those either 😄

        16 days ago