- W​hat's in your fridge?

T​our de Fridge: Show me your fridge – and what's in it

They are the guardians of our food, keeping it cool when the going gets hot. Let's do a celebration of the tall heroes of our kitchens... our fridges

I will start off by flashing my fridge, which is a fridge+freezer combo from LG. I love that it has plenty of space, a "0" degree box for fish and meat and other things, a crisper box for veggies, and there is a shelf dedicated to beverages... of course.

I am not the tidiest with arranging everything neatly, but I know my way around the chaos. My wife even has some nail polish stored cooled in the door – I make sure not to mistake that for chili sauce.

A stash of basic ingredients

I​ always have a lot of basic ingredients like pickled veggies, sauces, marmalade, butter, yeast, basic vegetables and fruit, and of course a cold beer. That way I can always improvise when I cook and spice up that bolognese with some chili sauce or soy sauce. Yes, soy sauce.

I salute you my beloved fridge and thanks for keeping my food fresh for weeks. What's in your fridge? Please show us in the comments. Let's do a Tour de Fridge.

P​acked with stuff! Even nail polish (Gotta talk to my wife about that)

P​acked with stuff! Even nail polish (Gotta talk to my wife about that)

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Comments (25)

  • I am not an alcoholic.

      7 months ago
  • I really enjoyed checking out what’s in your refrigerators. People from different countries have such different things. I’m enjoying this, but I feel like I’m snooping. So here’s a picture of my fridge. I used to have a very nice LG, but we just moved so it’s my mother-in-law‘s old Kenmore. I think I like this one better LOL. Please note that my wine is kept in a separate fridge because I am an alcoholic🍷

      7 months ago
    • Thanks for sharing:) Lot’s good veges there! And that’s really “pro” with the wine for itself:) Cheers!

        7 months ago
    • 7 months ago
  • I have some Samsung fridge. 2 pix. I don’t think we’re alcoholics lol.

      7 months ago
  • I know, not enough chilli sauces. There are 10 different ones hidden away in there...

      7 months ago