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Track Food - The Deluxe Burger

When I visit a track, I try the food, check out this edition of Track Food

1y ago

Almost every week I'm at the race track, either at my local one Wanneroo Raceway, Western Australia or somewhere else in the world. I try not to indulge too much on track food but FoodTribe is giving me a good excuse to get some food, take a photo and post about it. Stay tuned for "Healthy eating to offset Track Food"!

Anyway, this edition of Track Food sees me purchasing the Wanneroo Raceway Deluxe Burger. Beer, bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomato and onion all on a standard burger bun. At more than a handful and a half it almost takes two hands to handle this burger.

Even though they're using a frozen patty, they manage to cook it keeping it juicy. They don't overload the burger with salad and there's no pesky pickles or any horrible variation of.

Yes you heard that right. Pickles are an abomination and should be banned from burgers!

Anyway, as for the rating on the burger? Its a 3.5 out of 5. Purely because its $13.

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