Trader Joe has launched $5 meatless burgers

How do they stack up against Beyond Burgers?

1y ago

Trader Joe has joined the plant-powered revolution, as the store launched its very own meatless burgers this past week.

The “Protein Patties” are vegan and kosher, and can be found in the deli section. They’ll set you back $5. They’re made from pea protein, sunflower oil, seasoning and beets — which is what gives them that red meat-like color.

Trader Joe told Food & Wine: “Folks are increasingly going for meatless burgers for all kinds of reasons, but we like to think that one reason in particular is primarily responsible: plant-based burgers have gotten really, really good recently. That’s why we decided to bring in our very own Trader Joe’s Protein Patties.”

So what do they taste like? A reviewer at Pop Sugar wrote:

“When I sunk my teeth in, I noticed these are softer, smoother, and much less textured and "meaty" as compared to the Beyond Burgers, which I actually preferred — vegans who are grossed out by meat will appreciate that. I immediately wanted to go in for my second bite, and I liked that the edges got a little crispy while cooking.

"The flavor was slightly sweet thanks to the beets, but it didn't taste at all like veggies — I really liked it! It had a savory burger taste that was less beefy and less fatty than the Beyond Burgers.”

Have you tried TJ's Protein Patties? How do they compare to Beyond Burgers?

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