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T​raditional Christmas Pudding recipe

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You've got to hurry but it's not too late. You would normally start part one at the end of September, but you will still get a great result if you start now.

Ingredients part one

9tsps Ground Mixed Spice

4.5tsp ground nutmeg

4.5tsp ground cinnamon

2kg soft brown sugar

1kg sultanas

2.5kg currants

1kg raisins

250g Mixed candied Peel

250g chopped almonds

700ml barley wine

700ml stout

420ml rum

420ml brandy

Ingredients part two

 1kg Vegetable Suet

450g Self Raising Flour

1kg White Bread Crumbs

9 apples (grated)

18 eggs


1. Place all of the ingredients from part 1 in a large mixing bowl and stir until the mixture is evenly dispersed. We do this part in the last week of September then store in a cool dry place for 3 months, stirring and checking the mixture on a weekly basis.

2. 2-3 weeks before Christmas, add all the ingredients in part 2 to the mixture and again stir until fully dispersed. The mixture will now be dryer, so more of a challenge to mix.

3. Evenly disperse the mixture between pudding moulds, cover and steam for 5 hours.

4. Store in a cool dry place until ready to serve.

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  • This takes a good bit of patience but it sounds like it's worth it! It must be really savory by letting all those wonderful flavors blend together over the time.

    9 days ago


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