TribeCoin Challenge: Build a burger and win 500 TribeCoins

Your burger could win 500 TribeCoins

Doug F posted in Burgers
13w ago

I think it's time for another TribeCoin Challenge!

I want you to make a burger of your choice. It can be as basic or as crazy as you want to get. I will then pick the burger that looks the best.

The rules are simple: make a great burger, post it in the Burger Tribe, and give me a mention in your comments so I can find your post and know it's your entry for the challenge.

The challenge will end on January 31 - I want to give you all plenty of time.

I wish you all the best of luck. I look forward to seeing your burger creations. I hope you all have fun with this. You all are wonderful. I love you FoodTribe!

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