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    TribeCoin cocktail competition winner(s) announcement: Recipes and winners

    Two winners have been found! Here's how to make their drinks...

    1w ago


    First of all I have to give apologies and thanks.

    Apologies, because I said I was going to award 500 TribeCoins to the winner, but in the end I decided that two cocktails were worthy of a prize and so I split the prize and gave 250 TribeCoins to each winner.

    Thanks, because I wanted to thank everyone for taking part in the 'create your own cocktail' competition.

    The winner(s) are @The Angry Somm with...

    Humpty Dumpty’s Great Fall-time Sour

    Ingredients: 2oz Clear Creek Apple Brandy, 1oz Haus Alpenz Nux Alpina (Walnut & Botanical Liqueur), 1oz Nardini Amaro, 1 Egg white, 1oz Freshly blended and strained green apple juice, 0.5oz Lemon juice, few drops of maple syrup

    Method: Add ice and shake for 8 seconds, pour into a coupe glass and garnish ground nutmeg, an apple wedge, and a cinnamon stick.

    and @Fulana Food Burgler with...

    Martinez with yuzu

    Ingredients: 1oz gin, 1oz vermouth, 1 table spoon of cherry liquor, orange bitters, and yuzu marmalade.

    Method: Add all ingredients to a mixing glass filled with ice and stir until chilled. Strain into a coupe glass.

    Thanks for taking part!

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