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Triple C Brewing Co. Golden Boy

A beer review by a guy who knows next to nothing about beer

2y ago

Tonight's beer is another easy drinker: Triple C Brewing Company's Golden Boy. It is a blonde ale, and therefore very light and easy to drink. Their name comes from its founders: two guys named Chris and one of those Chris's wife Christina. They hail from Charlotte, North Carolina, and I happened upon this beer while eating at a BBQ joint when my wife and I took a weekend trip to the city. I remember liking it so much, I actually had enough sense to write it down in my phone. Now I buy it whenever I can find it over on my side of the state.

I grabbed a four-pack of 16oz. cans earlier this week while getting some beers for my father in-law who helped me spruce up my golf cart. At 4.5% ABV, 16 ounces goes down pretty quick. I find it very smooth and refreshing with almost a creamy aftertaste. Much like the Sam '76 I had last week, this beer is a great choice for your everyday beer drinker who just wants to sit and have a couple to kick off the weekend.

Triple C has several other beers that they brew all year round across the whole spectrum. Golden Boy is the lightest, but they've also got a pale ale, an IPA, a Double IPA, and a smoked amber ale. I definitely need to keep an eye out for that last one!

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