Trying German food for the first time

Well, first time that I can remember...

1w ago

Hello, my loves! Welcome to my home once again.

I'm still stuck in Brazil but my heart is literally everywhere: wherever there's a friend, I wish I was there. Unfortunately, I can't. Borders are still closed for people like me - the unvaxxed, the unruly, the Brazilian.

My belly, however, has decided. Today, we're eating german!

I've never been to Germany in real life, so I don't know much about it and its food. I've been to german pubs a handful of times, but whenever I ate (mostly a sausage or chips), I also drank... and you guys know what that means: I remember nothing.

This time, it will be unforgettable... not because I'm drinking any less, but because there's a video.


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Comments (14)

  • I don't know, but i love to hear you say bayerischer leberkäse. 😂

    Excellent video Pat! I've enjoyed it a lot! The goulash looked awesome! i love stews and that one looked awesome. Same for the bayerischer leberkäse.

    Thanks for sharing this. It has been very fun and entertaining. Even with that "home" plating you did 😁

    Sending the awards you deserve.

      12 days ago
  • Super fun video, love your co-host! I am suddenly craving some German food. Prost! 🍻

      12 days ago
    • Thank you for watching! ❤️

      I only noticed when editing that she showed up right when I started opening the bag... smart cat! Had to give her a close up.

      Saúde! 🍻

        12 days ago
  • First, Pat, you've made me crave some goulash and cold German beer. Second, fallen a little bit more in love.

      12 days ago
    • Hoping for better times when we can do a FoodTribe meet and grab a cold beer so you can meet the real me and fall out of love incredibly fast. 😂

      Thanks for watching ❤️

        12 days ago
  • Nice Video. And some great Food Choices.

      12 days ago
    • Thanks for watching, Robin! The goulash was my pick, Vicky suggested the Bayerischer leberkäse... and the pretzel was for fun! It all went really well with the weiß beer. Too bad it wasn’t cold enough... but, eh, that’s Brazil.

        12 days ago
    • I do like all of those Things. Except for warm Beer.

        12 days ago
  • Two words, Pat (three, to be exact) - Bratwurst and Frankfurter Kranz (cake). Those two really carry the spirit of the German cuisine. The pretzel comparison made me laugh audibly enough for my little niece to run into the room and ask me what's so funny 😂😂😂

      12 days ago