Trying the most popular coffee in Korea: Is it any good?

The power of product placement

8w ago

I've become pretty obsessed with South Korean films and dramas lately. I'm so invested in them that I don't remember the last time I watched something that wasn't Korean outside of the news. Product placement is a huge deal in these productions - which has led me to discovering this instant coffee.

Maxim is the best selling coffee brand in Korea (it is a Korean brand). I found it in the K-Drama "My Mister", a beautifully heartfelt story about the depth of human emotions in all kinds of relationships, from family, spouses, colleagues, good, bad, and broken. Anyway, the main girl, Lee Ji-An, drinks this coffee throughout the show. Maxim is featured in countless other Korean productions, and it's obvious why.

The most popular flavor is this Mocha Gold Mild. So, how does it taste?

Ji-An used 2-3 packets for a normal cup of coffee and reviews online recommend this as well. For now, I used 1 stick and filled the mug halfway with hot water.

The packet includes the instant granules, sugar, and milk powder. You can control how much sugar comes out by pinching off the bottom of the stick, but I put it all in.

The taste is very mild, as expected from the name, and it's quite sweet. I personally really like it, but as an afternoon pick-me-up rather than first thing in the morning. If you're a long time, heavy coffee connoisseur, this won't wake you up. You won't taste a bold, strong coffee flavor with this, but it's great if you prefer one that's light and sweet.

If you are looking for a plain black instant coffee with more boldness, KANU is the one to try. It is owned by Maxim and is also a popular choice in Korea.

I'll buy this again for sure. I've tasted other instant coffees that were still good, but not as smooth and velvety as this. I like a sweet coffee occasionally and this might be my new go-to for that afternoon treat. For now, I will cry into it as I wallow in my emotions watching "My Mister" again, hah!

Which international coffees have you tried? Tell us in the comments!

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Comments (7)

  • I am sorry but I am confused about the stick part? πŸ€”

      10 months ago
    • The packets can also be called "mix sticks" haha

        10 months ago
    • Ohh ok that makes a lot more sense. πŸ˜€

        10 months ago
  • Sounds like it might be good for a little pick me up

      10 months ago
    • It is 😊 especially on to go or at work. I always took instant coffees like this to jobs because Keurig coffee was always there, and I don't like it lol

        10 months ago
    • Nice!

        10 months ago
  • So interesting! I have to agree, K-Dramas are very convincing when it comes to product placement. Sky Castle convinced me that I NEEDED a Nespresso Vertuo machine in my life - oh, and the Nespresso coffee cups too.

      9 months ago