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Turning 21 this year? Here’s how to get free beer

Natty Light are giving away free beer for all you newly legal drinkers

1y ago

Your fave throwback beer is giving away free beer to everyone who turns 21 this year.

Natural Light (which is facing down its 43rd birthday this year, incidentally) is helping newly legal drinkers celebrate throughout 2020.

Just head over to the Beer Rebate site, prove your date of birth, and Natty Light will hook you up with free beer.

But wait, there’s more: if you’re thinking you’ve missed out because you might be… somewhat older than 21, Natty Light have a little something for you too.

Tag #NattyBDay and @naturallightbeer on Instagram or @naturallight on Twitter and on the 21st of every month and they might repost your photo.

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  • that's not a photoshop? That's a real Natty Light cake? Nevertheless, 3/10 would only drink in case of severe dehydration

      1 year ago