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Two more of the World’s Best Bars popping up in London this week

Paradiso and Dr Stravinsky are popping over from Barcelona to head up 100 Wardour Street

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It must be the time of year… Last week, Vasilis Kyritsis From The Clumsies was in residence at Madison, and now Paradiso and Dr Stravinsky – two more of the World's 50 Best Bars – are in London.

Both the bars are usually found in Barcelona, but they’re heading over to 100 Wardour Street to shake things up.

Paradiso is in town from 3-6 March, and Dr Stravinsky from 5-8 March.


How much do you want to drink this?

How much do you want to drink this?

Paradiso is currently number 20 on the World’s Best Bars list. You’ll usually find it hidden behind a fridge door in a Pastrami Bar. Giacomo Giannotti and the team put on a real show with their drinks, incorporating transformations and props.

Cocktails on offer for Paradiso X 100 Wardour Street

KRIPTONITA: “Gimlet-style with a fluo color and the strength of Superman” Gin washed with Shiso and Lemongrass, Riboflavina, Electric Liquor, Dry Vermouth, Pomelo Cordial, Chocolate Bitter, Kaffir Lime.

CHAMPAGNE NEGRONI: “Illusionist negroni with transparent bubble” Gin macerated with Chamomile and Pink Pepper, Campari redistilled, White Vermouth.

AIRE DE JALISCO: “Margarita style with spiced and umami notes” Tequila mixed with Micro Daikon, Cilantro and Mustard, Mais toasted Syrup, Lemon and Ginger juice, Chamberyzette, Red Pimiento, Chile e Canela Bitter, Apple Air.

CARIBE ITALIANO: “A Daiquiri with an Italian soul and a tropical touch“ Guatemalan Ron macerated with Platano and Parmesan, Coconut Water Shrub, Fresh Raspberry, Arugula.

Dr Stravinsky

Dr Stravinsky is currently at number 25 on the World’s 50 Best Bars list. The bar is like a 19th century laboratory, with a focus on sustainability. They make a lot of their own alcohols and make use of local produce. Antonio Naranjo and the team combine artisanal produce with self-sufficient sourcing.

Cocktails on offer for Dr Stravinsky X The Den at 100 Wardour Street

TRUFFLE ROSITA: Tequila Blanco redistilled in truffle, Campari Bitter, Carpano Antica Formula Rosso, Dry Vermouth, Parmesan Sheet.

CAMP NOU: Dry London Gin, Fino Tio Pepe, Herbal Syrup, Lime, Dill

GENEROSO SOUR: Bourbon, Lemon, Egg White, Mix of Wine, Nutmeg

SOIL MARTINI: Vodka redistilled in Soil, Dry Vermouth, Olive

REMIDIO: Scotch Whisky, Lapsang Tea Kombucha, Smoky Cordial, Pine

I'll take a Remidio and a Champagne Negroni please. Which do you fancy?

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