Two-step cake recipe: make yourself something delicious during quarantine!

Why don't more people make this?!

41w ago

Even though lockdown has left a significant part of the population disheartened, my mother sees it as a dessert-fest. She’s been churning out some fine last-course dishes for us over the last couple of days, and fortunately for us, we don’t see it ending there.

A couple of days ago, she came up with a simple frozen treat prepared with just four ingredients. I agree there might have been numerous steps to follow in that, but it was a repetitive process overall. However, for those who found that sweet treat a little troublesome to make, my mother has come up with a solution.

This time though, she has literally changed the game. Instead of reducing the number of ingredients, this dessert sees a reduction in efforts. Just two simple and easy steps are all you have to carry out to make this relatively healthy and delicious wheat flour cake.

As most of my previous content revolved around chocolate, I decided to work around other stuff this time. The other thing being vanilla, chocolate’s greatest companion in desserts.

A bit of vanilla essence was enough for our cake to taste flavoursome. Mix it with milk, sugar and some wheat flour in this two-step process, and you'll have yourself an appetising dessert for the next few days. It is incredibly easy to make, especially if you have all the ingredients at home. I request you to try making it once!

Do let me know how it turned out...

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