Uber Eats has added a donation feature so you can support local restaurants

Uber will match every donation

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Millions of people in the food sector have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, and restaurants have shut across the country. Of course, we’re still having food delivered. And now it’s easier to get your food delivered *and* support local eateries at the same time.

Uber Eats has added a donation feature within the app, so you can easily contribute to local spots when you’re checking out.

Uber will then match every contribution with a donation to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund (upt to $5 million). The fund is providing grants to restaurant workers who have been financially impacted by the crisis.

Paul Barker, owner of Pauli’s North End in Boston, MA, an Uber Eats partner, said: “The restaurant industry is being decimated by this virus, and it’s going to take people helping people to get through it. As business owners, my wife and I are focused on helping our staff put food on their tables. Efforts like Uber Eats’ and Guy Fieri’s with the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund are rising to the occasion—helping people to help the people in their communities when they need it most.”

The feature is being trialled in New York City first, and Uber plans to roll it out across the US this week.

In a statement, Uber said that in the US and Canada they have seen a “significant rise in orders to independent restaurants since mid-March as more customers look to support local businesses”.

They added, "Restaurants, working to keep delivery orders coming in during these times, have been signing up for Uber Eats as high as 10x previous rates. Uber Eats’ direct-to-restaurant contributions will serve as a new avenue for people to support their favorite local restaurants, and we are proud to match their contributions with donations to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund.”

Do you have a favorite local eatery you want to support? 🥡🥡🥡

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