UberEats offering free delivery for black-owned businesses in US and Canada

The policy will be in place for the rest of 2020

47w ago

UberEats has announced it is waiving all delivery charges for restaurants owned by black people.

The policy covers select cities across the US and Canada and will remain in place for the rest of 2020.

Along with the free delivery, the black-owned businesses will also be featured in a prominent list on the app. When the app is opened, a prompt will suggest users ‘support black-owned restaurants’.

The restaurant list has been compiled by Uber employees, based on information from local organisations, along with publicly available sources.

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber said, “We know there is no easy solution to the problem we have faced for centuries. We also know that we need to devote our time, energy and resources toward making a difference.”

Khosrowshahi ended the emailed statement with, “Lastly, let me speak clearly and unequivocally: Black Lives Matter.”

And it’s not just the free delivery, alongside the new plans, Uber has made a $1m donation to the Equal Justice Initiative and Center for Policing Equity; introduced a policy tying Uber executive’s salaries to them making progress in diversity goals; is offering discounted rides to black-owned businesses affected by Coronavirus; and publishing the company’s workforce data.

However, despite these steps, UberEats is not lowering the 30% service fee charge for restaurants using the app. The hospitality industry has taken a huge hit during the course of the global pandemic, and the 30% charge is significant.

Food delivery company Postmates has also added free-delivery for black-owned restaurants across 130 cities in the US, with no cost to restaurants. To be included in the promotion, Postmates is asking customers to tag black-owned restaurants on social media.

Here's what some other food brands in the US are doing to support Black Lives Matter, from Ben & Jerry's, to Taco Bell.

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Comments (9)

  • Imagine the reaction should they do this the other way round????

    It's disgustingly racist.

    This is the sort of thing that stirs hatred and division.

      10 months ago
  • My concern here -and I don't want this to sound like the 'all lives matter' reply to 'black lives matter' - but at the moment, I don't think it's important we know the skin colour of who's running the little restaurant around the corner. They're all in the lurch.

    And for Uber Eats to introduce something slightly partisan like this, while maintaining what small restaurants have repeatedly called a crippling commission, smacks of appropriating a cause (anti-racism) for virtue-signalling, rather than doing the actual right thing.

      10 months ago
    • I think it's a very difficult balancing act... it's certainly better that Uber's doing something (along with the donations, changes to their board, transparency etc.), than nothing, but I get your point.

      It's so stressful and upsetting...

      Read more
        10 months ago
  • The fact that we are in 2020 and this is seen as a viable option is so saddening

      10 months ago
  • It's good to see this happening, but the 30% service fee charge for restaurants is still really high...

      10 months ago
  • try delivery to an address in CHOP and see if it works 😂

      10 months ago