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Uludaq Gazoz vs Mountain Dew: A comparison

A​re these two energising beverages similar, or not?

Robin Ho posted in Drinks
8w ago

E​very time I have a nice Döner, I also have some Turkish Uludaq. Those two are just the perfect combination of overly sweet and hearty. I just can not imagine doing it any other way.

O​n my Post about Uludaq Gazoz, our Friend Doug F asked if the beverage was similar to Mountain Dew. And I was pretty sure it was pretty much the same.

A​ few days ago, I then had the opportunity to buy both Uludaq and Mountain Dew, so now I can really compare the two.

A​ Refresher on Uludaq

J​ust to remind you what this is all about, Uludaq Gazoz is a Turkish Soda Pop made with pure spring water.

I​t is also very sugary, and supposed to have a Lemon Flavour. In my opinion, it tastes much more like Bubble Gum.

About Mountain Dew

I​n essence, Mountain Dew is very similar to Uludaq. It is made with spring water, contains tons of Sugar and should have a Lemony Flavour.

O​r at least that is true for the Original Mountain Dew. There are many Variations. Like Code Red, or Baja Blast. Uludaq only comes in Lemon and Orange.

M​ountain Dew, in America, is also made with Corn Syrup. Here in Europe both Beverages contain real Sugar. And both have unhealthy Levels of the Stuff dissolved in them.

C​omparing the Beverages

When it comes to Ingredients, both Uludaq and Mountain Dew are almost the same, when you go after the List printed on the Cans. The Turks use more preservatives and less Sugar, while Pepsi adds some Caffeine and Food Colouring, as well as a few other Things.

Taste is much more important though. And in that Department, both Soda Pops are very similar to each other, while also being completely different at the same Time.

U​ludaq, containing less Sugar, also is less sweet, but surprisingly not actually that much. Both Drinks taste a bit like Bubble Gum in my Opinion, but Mountain Dew adds what I would describe as quite a hint of Sprite. Or maybe 7up, since it is made by Pepsi.

I​n the End, that is everything that is different Flavour Wise. I kinda prefer Mountain Dew though. It is just that little bit more complex.

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Comments (5)

  • Thanks for the mention Robin! That is a good comparison. I don't drink soda but enjoyed reading it.

      2 months ago
    • Thanks for the Idea 😊

        2 months ago
    • I accidentally have those once in a while 🤣

        2 months ago
  • I never had Mountain Dew but I agree that Uludag tastes like bubble gum

      2 months ago