Unboxing a bottle of (much needed) Gin

1y ago
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This is my third unboxing video and the first unboxing video in which I actually do a voiceover. When I say "voiceover", what I mean is I talk gibberish. Disclaimer, I've used an extremely cool knife to do the unboxing, yo. Check it out. Also, I'm actually a bit shy so please be kind. Also also, this was from yesterday and I already tried the gin, and it's pretty good. Also also also, happy birthday, Jeremy.

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Comments (23)

  • In common times, I don’t watch this kind of Videos. But I wanted to know which gin you bought ( maybe some I don’t know) - so I was curious. 😁 in my eyes, a good way to present interesting stuff...

      1 year ago
    • Thank you! Third unboxing video (the other two were about watches) but this is first time I actually talk viewers through what I'm doing and it feels odd

        1 year ago
  • Couldn’t wait to see which you bought- good choice 👍🏼

      1 year ago
  • Nice knife and nice watch! That Gin is already on my list... Looking forward for more video like this one! 👀

      1 year ago
  • Hehe! Would love a glass now🤤

      1 year ago
  • Is it a Sloe Berry Gin?!

      1 year ago