- P​ork Fried and Hashbrowns @ Urban Grub in 12 South in Nashville, TN.

U​nexpected Treats: Urban Grub

U​nexpected treats from your favorite places.

1y ago

M​y first experience with Urban Grub was coming across their setup at of all places a car show. I had heard about them in all the hippest blags and had been looking to give them a try so finding them serving amongst the fair food offerings of which I had just tossed out one booths $12.00 hot dog as inedible, made my day. I dutifully stood in line and got my first serving of shrimp and grits. And boy was it worth the effort.

T​hat first taste in a parking lot on the Eastside started what has become a long relationship with most of the items on their menu. I would recommend most anything on the menu, the Wood Oven Trout is especially tasty and I know some who would insist on anything on the brunch menu.

N​one of that is why where here today. Today we’re looking for something unexpected. Something that you wouldn’t necessarily think of trying. Order the Pork Fries and Hashbrowns (remember to add bacon) and you will be having a meal that is almost perfect when it comes to unexpected deliciousness. The Pork Fries are just that - a pork chop cut into strips, breaded and fired. It comes paired with a white BBQ sauce the results is an easy to eat bit of finger food perfect for sitting around the bar talking with friends. The hashbrowns are the icing on top. They’re your normal potatoes, but better; fresher, cut and put into a cast iron skillet and baked with cheese and the bacon that you didn’t forget to ask the server for.

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T​hese kinds of unexpected treats are one of the joys you find when exploring a place you have been to several times. I would encourage you look for that hidden in plain site meal at your favorite haunts.

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  • This looks great Joe! I'll have to check that out next time I'm down there!

      1 year ago