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Universal Yums 'Greece' subscription box review

Review of the September 2019 Universal Yums box: Greece

2y ago

Universal Yums is an international subscription box company where you get a bunch of snacks from a different country each month. Try delicious snacks and candies from around the world while reading an interactive guidebook.

I have recently purchased the Greece Universal Yum box, and this month had so many goodies that looked good. I'd figure I'd give a brief review of the snacks that I have tried.

Oriental Saragli

This is baklava. I believe there are walnuts in this pastry and the honey taste makes this a sweet treat. I have never had baklava in my entire life, so the pastry itself was weird texture but it was really good. And the pieces are small, and there's only two in the packet unfortunately so I cannot really chow down on this every day, go figure. I think finding more of these pastries and giving this to my family to try is a good idea. 8.5/10

Kritsinaki Pesto Basil

They are less stale croutons with pesto flavoring. They're not bad at all. I think they could have more of a pesto punch, though. To be honest, they're average in terms of what I have tasted so far. The good thing is that if I buy more, I could put in a garden salad like croutons. 7/10

Serenata Finger

It's almost like a Kit-Kat, but the wafer portion is more distinct than a Kit-Kat. This one should also be put in a refrigerator because the chocolate melts quickly. The milk chocolate is amazing as well, there's a deep milk chocolate flavor that Europeans use compared to the USA. 8/10

Tottis Chips Oregano

I smelt inside the bag, and I can confirm: it smells like fresh oregano. The chips themselves are thin, like the sea-salt ones. The flavoring has a herbal kick to them, and I mean not spicy kick, but just a general herbal kick like someone has put a lot of oregano into pasta kind of kick. 8.5/10


This one is weird, in my opinion. The consistency of the cookie is that it's very flaky and it falls apart the moment I bit into it. The flavoring: is a rich grape flavor, but it's more of a store-bought cupcake like flavor, almost like a banana bread flavor.  In fact, the cookie does remind me of a stale banana bread muffin instead of a grape flavor cookie. 7/10

Serenata Triplo Hazelnut

It's a part wafer, part nutty milk chocolate bar. The hazelnut mixed in with the milk chocolate blends the chocolate bar in like a Nutella consistency. I have to go and buy more of these because the chocolate was delicious! I honestly don't have any gripe about this, nor does this have significant flaws, but I do recommend putting this one in the fridge because it was a little soft from slightly melting in my room. 9.5/10

Bruschettini Pizza

With these crackers like snacks, you can taste the tomato sauce from an authentic Italian pizza. This is something that can be an alternative to the Pringles pizza flavor. It has more of an authentic taste to them. You know those rye crackers you get in Chex mixes? They're as small as those but not with a wheat-rye taste. 8/10

Kings Soft Cookie with Dark Chocolate Chunks

The October box is from Austria. Here's what I thought of it.

This cookie is brownie heaven. It is so soft like a brownie, chocolate like a brownie, was a sizeable brownie-sized cookie. The moisture made the cookie brownie consistency. The dark chocolate chunks were gooey on the inside. The best tasting cookie I've had in a long time. 9.5/10

Minos Nut Bar Peanut and Honey

This nut bar is going to break my teeth, with how hard the bar is. The nuts overpower the honey taste, and the sesame seeds are a nice touch to the bar. It's a good snack, but not good for people with weak teeth or dentures. 8/10

Tsourekaki with Cocoa Cream

The pastry itself is sweet; it's almost like Hawaiian rolls that my family gets typically for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner/lunch/buffets. The cocoa creme inside the pastry is very sweet to my liking. Though I wish there was more of this creme; because the pastry to filling ratio is a little off in my opinion. 8.5/10

Melomakarona (omitted because of production error)

Corn Flake Bread Rings

These are kind of bland, but if you envision the Jiffy cornbread brand but a crunchier ring of that cornbread mixture. And the topping is Corn Flakes. So there's this onion ring looking snack where it's just cornbread topped with Corn Flakes. It's okay; it's unique to the USA for sure. 7.5/10

Lemono Pitaki

The pie has a sweet breading surrounding the sweet lemon filling. When I took my first bite, it was a little too thick with crust, but the crust was sweet and flaky. Though I was disappointed with the lack of oozy lemon filling, it was an excellent pie. 8/10

Elite Mediterranean Crackers

This cracker is what Ritz could have been. It tastes similar to a Ritz cracker, but to me, this cracker is much better and larger than a normal Ritz. They were thinner as well. I would buy more of these crackers in a heartbeat. Also to note: they don't have a strong Feta cheese taste so people don't have to worry about that either. 9/10

Minos Soft Nougat

I thought this was going to be softer, white chocolate, with orange pieces and pieces of nuts in with this bar. No. It's a wafer (a stale wafer, well the wafer part is sort of stale to me.) The nougat part is this vanilla or white chocolate with orange pieces and the orange you can smell and taste a lot of. The nougat portion is softer than the wafer. 7.5/10

Tottis Sea Salt Chips

When I opened the bag, it smelled like authentic sea-salt chips made from Greece. Upon the taste test, the chips themselves are thin, and the chips are not too salty like American branded potato chips. Which is a good thing for those looking for lower sodium chips? While the flavoring is impressive and large, thin chips are good too; the chips themselves aren't a groundbreaking hot market item. You can obtain lower sodium sea-salt chips here in the United States or make your own. 8/10

Serenata Max Croissant with Apricot Filling

A nice, moist, and fluffy croissant, fills me up for the snack in-between lunch and dinner. Though I have to admit that there should have had more apricot filling. But the filling that was inside the croissant was a tasty and sweet apricot jam. And the croissant itself is pretty large for a snack-sized treat. 8/10

Frugeli Pomegranate Jelly

This candy is almost reminiscent of a chewy fruit candy my paternal grandmother usually got for snacking on. I think it's really soft when I bit down on the candy as well, almost making it a legit jelly consistency. This candy is amongst the best of this snack box this month. Well done, Καλή δουλειά! Though my only gripe with the candy itself is that it's sticky to the touch and can be a nuisance. 8.5/10

Kokos Ouzo

Smells and tastes like black licorice. I do not know about it, considering I can only eat licorice in small quantities. It's not the worst thing BUT probably will be amongst the worst in this snack box this month. I'll deal with consuming the hard candy, (which it is indeed a hard candy this time.) It will probably take me a long time to go through this product than the other products in this month's box. 2.5/10

Kokos Honey Toffee

This is the first one I've tried. It is toffee with a weird honey taste. The texture is weird for my tastes at first. It is soft enough for me to chew. I assumed it was going to be a type of hard candy, but I was wrong. Going through this statement, they're not that bad. I am ashamed, yet not ashamed that I ate them all in one sitting. Also, I am bumping up the rating as well, because they are delicious. 8/10

Overall the box this month was excellent. There's one clear cut choice on the worst snack in the box. There are two or three items that I have a hard time deciding whether I put them on the best and second-best ballot to be sent to Universal Yums. 

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Comments (8)

    • 2 years ago
  • I got these for a couple months! They're the perfect way to try treats from all kinds of countries, I really liked them.

      2 years ago
  • So what does a Universal Yum box from Greece cost?

      2 years ago
    • 39 for what I subscribed for a month (deluxe box). free shipping. Each month is a different country. and 40 isn't the worst pricing for a subscription box considering they import the snacks globally. other subscription boxes run 50+ for...

      Read more
        2 years ago
    • I've never subscribed to a box like that before but I really like the idea getting one from different countries. Is that 39 Euro?

        2 years ago