Up in arms over America's favorite fast food

Who rules fast food in the United States? It might surprise you!

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In 2017, Foursquare lit the fuse on a debate that still continues to this day. What is America's favorite fast food?

Dominating the map from humble beginnings, the Dwarf Grill opened in 1946, changed its name to Dwarf House, and finally in 1967 to what we now know as Chick-fil-A. Operating over 2,300 stores, this little powerhouse got its start next to the Ford Motor assembly plant in Hapeville, Georgia.

Foursquare America's favorite fast food data map 2017

Foursquare America's favorite fast food data map 2017

After the release of the Foursquare data, two states took to Twitter in viral fashion to protest the accuracy of the findings. California, home of In-n-Out Burger, was outraged the local fast food joint was ousted by lesser known Cane's. Cane's is based in Louisiana and is also known for its chicken.

The state of Texas also chimed in, where the local Whataburger chain was ousted with the top spot going to In-N-Out Burger. So what have we learned from all this? Americans are passionate about their fast food.

Fast food in America

America eats more fast food than any other country on Earth. This places incredible pressure on those in the high stakes fast food game. In 2018, Jessica Tyler released some fun facts around density of fast food and where it's most consumed. One third of Americans eat fast food everyday. Per capita, Alabama ranks highest in the nation at 6.3 fast food restaurants per 10,000 people, followed by Nebraska and West Virginia at 5.4 and 5.3 respectively.

Enter 2019

You guessed it, Chick-fil-A ranked highest on the 2019 Customer Satisfaction Index. Despite being smaller, closed on Sundays and with unique and controversial conservative social values, Chick-fil-A brought in $10.5 billion in its most recent fiscal year. At $10.5 billion with fewer restaurants, this gives them the highest revenue per store among its competitors as well.

In the highly competitive fast food market, price sensitive/cost-conscious people making split-second decisions on where to eat wield significant power. They also have significant passion about their favorite brand of fast food. Do you have the same passion for your favorite fast food as other FoodTribers? Find out below by taking the quick poll.

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