- M​y Willey Chopper on a cutting board that says Locally Grown that is made in China. Ironic.

U​pdate on my Willey Chopper – aka my custom-made knife

It's tremendously sharp, has serious heft, and is a great way to support a small business

2w ago

L​et's face it: a lot of us have felt lately like we may have been put on the chopping block. It has been a hard year, and it is a daily struggle to find motivation often times. Financial worry, mental health, and loneliness are all common feelings of the past year. Cooking (and food in general) is one way I have found to find happiness and something for me to put my positive energy into. One thing I have found that makes cooking more enjoyable is having a proper knife!

U​ntil my mini cleaver arrived, our knives have always been old, dull, and cheaply made. The handles would fall off, the blades would have more rust on them than not, and often times they presented more of a danger to ourselves than to whatever we were cutting. When Luke (the maker of the cleaver) told me that it would literally chop through bone, he wasn't kidding. The cutting board lets out shrieks of fear when it realizes my mini cleaver is about to be doing some chopping on it. The counter tops cower as what feels like 30 pounds of hard steel come chopping down on them.

This knife has made cooking fun for me, and is an essential tool when cooking. Somehow joy is felt when chopping up a vegetable, as the simple sound of a sharp and mighty blade slicing is impossible to replicate with any dull or cheaply made knives.

I am not sure if any of you are in the market for a new knife, but if you are, I can highly recommend Willey Choppers. He is one man who makes all of them from start to finish. He works with you to design what you want, he updates you generously, shares the work in progress in his Instagram stories, and makes it such a fun process. If you are in the market for a new knife or chopper, and wish to spend your money on a more local craftsman, I would not hesitate to recommend Luke.

This is a hard time for everyone, and I don't regret helping a smaller business continue their work that creates so much joy for us who appreciate quality (James May seemed happier opening up his new knife than he does talking about his 458 Speciale, which says something)!

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  • I'm glad you are enjoying your new knife. There's nothing like a good knife.

      15 days ago
  • A good sharp knife makes slicing and chopping so much nicer. I prefer old knives.

      15 days ago