Urinating students to get free pizza for fighting disease

They will have to be far more precise than simply gushing into an alleyway.

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Many may consider the ultimate achievement in the restaurant business to be winning the appraisal of a celebrity chef. Well, either that or a three-star TripAdvisor review from BigBertsBeefBundles – both have the same gravitas.

However, few people recognise what a truly successful and powerful company is: a backstreet takeaway.

Quality, dignity and professionalism are of no concern to the operators of these heroic establishments; they know that whatever monumental challenges life throws at them (with the exception of COVID-19, of course), their commitment to soggy, salty chips and appallingly greasy doner meat is indestructible.

The triumphs of the humble take-out restaurants are, naturally, mainly thanks to the dedication of drunken students, who would likely end up snacking on badgers if luminous green signs proclaiming “chips ‘n’ chicken” didn’t exist. That’s why officials in Kansas, USA, have combined these two superior skills to create an iconic new health programme.

College students in the state of Wichita (which also happens to be the name of the less popular ABBA song) are being encouraged to take part in testing for sexually transmitted diseases by receiving a complimentary pizza for their efforts.

The service is called Pee for Pizza and operates on the first Wednesday of every month at Wichita State University. A creative solution to tackle the stigma of sexual health problems and help to identify infections, free pizza is surely the perfect incentive to get young people on-board with the long-term messaging of learning how to look after their physical health. Before the onset of the pandemic, between 100 and 120 tests were being conducted at each event.

Although there is no confirmation about the choice of pizzas available, hopefully the scrumptious snacks doled out to the students won’t be too hot – otherwise they could trigger some burning sensations.

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  • Wow ☺🙈

      7 days ago
  • I salute to any initiative that tackles the sigma of any health issue, be it sexual mental or anything. It is, though. pity that we have to go to that extent to tackle the stigma.

      7 days ago