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Eating my way through the states - Colorado

1w ago

This week I am leaving the Midwest and going to Colorado to enjoy the simple but delicious Denver omelette, also known as the western omelette.

Now, while doing my research finding all the different dishes for each state, there was one other food that Colorado is apparently known for, and that would be rocky mountain oysters... and if you don't know, a rocky mountain oyster is, well, balls. Bull testicles to be specific. I chose to do the omelette over this for several reasons. Being in Ohio, you can't find those here, but also, testes. No thank you.

Anyway, the Denver omelette is super simple. Just diced ham, onion, and green peppers with cheddar cheese.

Now, there seems to be a bit of an argument about whether this dish was actually invented in Denver, as many say it originated in California from Chinese immigrants who came to work on the railroads, and would throw their random bits and pieces in the kitchen into some eggs. Regardless of where it originated, Denver is now the city forever associated with this popular dish.

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Comments (6)

  • One of those and a dash of hot sauce, please and thank you

      9 days ago
  • Yes please. I'll take two...

      10 days ago
  • Lovely representation of Colorado-famous foods 😁 A hearty omelet is always delicious

      5 days ago
  • Those are some tasty omelette

      8 days ago
  • You could sub lamb testes. Those are usually available from some specialty butchers in the region. When I lived in KY and worked as a chef I used to serve them up on occasion.

      9 days ago