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US strip club transforms into drive-through and delivery service

Have a pole dance while you wait for your meal

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While most restaurants and takeaway places have had to close for lockdown, it's easy to forget the impact this has on more niche places. Strip clubs, for example.

The Lucky Devil Lounge, in Oregon, has come up with a unique way to keep business ticking over.

Having initially opened a kitchen in an attempt to maintain turnover, it soon became apparent that the majority of the lounge's clientele was really not there for the food. But rather than closing and risking going bust, the owners decided to embrace the thing that keeps the customers coming – the girls.

A tent has been erected outside the premises and a drive-through service has begun. You arrive and order the meal you want, enter the drive-through, and there you will find the dancers you would normally find inside – lining the drive through to keep you entertained while you wait!

While this sounds like a lot of fun (and maybe a bit unnecessary), it's really important to the ladies who work there, who, at least partially, rely on the tips they receive from dances. The new drive-through keeps them in work, keeps the customers coming, and means they are still collecting tips at the end of the night. Everyone wins.

While the regular method of tip delivery isn't really possible in times of social distancing, visitors are welcome to leave tips from a distance. The social distancing measures have become something of a quirky addition, with dancers wearing sparkly surgical masks and, in some cases, stylised gas masks, giving everything a post apocalyptic feel (each to their own).

'Boober Eats'

While the drive-through has brought in some much-needed funds, the Lounge was still very much down on its usual takings. So, rather than seeing those not willing to leave the house as a negative, the owners decided to take advantage of it and start a delivery service.

Missing your regular plate of scran and a lap dance? No problem. Call in your order and one of the dancers will deliver it to your house. To ensure social distancing is maintained (and safety comes first), each of the ladies is accompanied by a bouncer.

The Lounge initially called this opportunistic expansion 'Boober Eats'; however, that other well-known delivery service took exception and had them change it to 'Lucky Devil Eats'.

Each of these services will cost you an extra $30 on top of your meal – but in times when human interaction is lacking, why on earth not?

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  • Really interesting read, Hayley. What perplexes me the most, is what convinced the owner of the white VW Golf (main image) to buy the 3-door version, on the basis that he/she evidently fully intend on ferrying passengers...

      1 year ago