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Use up that food waste: Leftover vegetable soup recipe

Here by popular demand, the recipe for my leftover veggies soup.

1y ago

One person asked how I make my leftover vegetable soup. Being the philanthropic chap I am, I've decided to share the recipe.

I made this to stop a load of vegetables that were sitting in my fridge going bad from going to waste; half a bag of spinach, some spring onions, a red pepper, a carrot, two chilli peppers and the stalk from some broccoli.

Souper Soup

How to make soup from vegetable leftovers.

Prep time10min
Cook time45min
Total time55min
CuisineHome Cooking
MealLunch or Supper


  • Literally any vegetables you have lying around. Be they off cuts from another dish you've made, something you haven't quite used up, and it's about to go off. Just vegetables. The more variety the better.
  • 1 litre of stock.
  • Seasoning, salt and pepper.
  • Olive Oil.



  1. Gather in all your veggies and chop 'em up.


  1. I started by frying off anything you'd usually fry when making a dish, eg; peppers, chilis, onions, mushrooms. I seasoned at this point with some vegeta (all purpose vegetable seasoning), salt and pepper work fine too.
  2. Then I dropped the spinach on top, and covered with half a litre of stock. I used chicken because I had a load of it left over from a chicken last week.
  3. Let the spinach wilt down, and top off with the other half litre of stock, adding in any firmer veg that you'd usually boil, for me that was the carrot and broccoli.
  4. Leave to simmer, doesn't really matter how long for, just until the broccoli and carrot are soft and easy to blend.
  5. Once boiled until soft, blend until smooth and season to taste. Thin it out with more stock. If it gets too thin, keep boiling with the lid off, or add gravy granules.


  1. In a bowl. Soup doesn't work on plates.
  2. Enjoy with bread. I like to butter my bread with the butter thick enough so you can see your teeth marks in it when you take a bite.

Recipe Notes

You can easily adapt this recipe for whatever veg you have lying around, so it's a great way to reduce food waste, and bolster your diet with a glut of vitamins and minerals.

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So there you have it, a fairly easy and adaptable recipe for soup.

TLDR: chop up all the veggies, boil until soft, blend, season, enjoy

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