Using Google Keep as a Wine List

Do you have a bad memory? Also is your memory not good? I found a way to help me remember which wines are worth buying again.

1y ago

I don't know about you but when I go to a purveyor of alcoholic beverages and get to the wine aisle I have a tendency to freeze up, overwhelmed by the shocking array of choice and suggested flavours.

Because I have the memory of a goldfish suffering from amnesia I've never been able to make a decision based on what I've drunk before and how much I liked it.

So I thought I might try and do something about this situation and being of a technical bent, decided to see if the purveyor of all-known-information and general smart-arsedness, Google, could help me in my efforts.

I'm an Android user, so I started by looking on my phone and seeing whether there was anything pre-installed and freely available that might do the trick, then realised that I was already using an app which might just fit the bill.

If you've never heard of Google Keep then you've been missing out on just what you need if information falls out of your head faster than your Internet Service Provider debits your account at the start of every month. It's a small application which allows you to write yourself notes which you can look up at a later time. I'm a bit of a writer so have used it for years to write down ideas and inspiration for stories, as well as shopping lists, things I need to do and stuff I shouldn't forget (did I mention I have a really bad memory?).

There are a couple of really useful things about it, such as being able to label your notes so you have them categorised for later, colour coding them for ease of recognition or adding reminders for things you need to recall at certain times. It also lets you take and attach photos to each one, which for my purposes was incredibly handy, what with the memory thing (did I mention that already?)!

I created a new label called Wine, then just had to start the arduous task of regularly drinking wine so I could classify and log each type I tried. Upon finishing a bottle I would then take a photo, put in some pertinent details, such as the name and year of the wine, what it tasted like, how much I liked it and whether it would accompany any particular types of food, then just forgot about it.

I started doing this in 2016 and have continued ever since, which means that it is now possible, when I'm in the mood, for me to go into a wine shop, open Keep, click on the Wine label and select a bottle based on what we're having for tea, what I'm currently craving or whether I'm feeling a bit adventurous and fancy something new.

It's changed my wine buying life!

My wine list, using Google Keep on my phone

My wine list, using Google Keep on my phone

My wine list, using Google Keep on my computer

My wine list, using Google Keep on my computer

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  • Brilliant idea, and a good reason to have more wine so you can add to the list!

      1 year ago