Vegan given chicken nuggets as a prank, goes to police

J​ust a prank or an arrestable offence?

2y ago

A​ 24-year-old vegan woman has reported her friends to police after nuggets she was given while drunk, turned out not to contain vegan meat substitutes, but chicken.

T​he woman claims to have been vegan for more than a decade, and was vegetarian for many years before that. She apparently refused meat as a child as she didn't want to eat animals. She says all her friends know she is vegan, so there was no excuse.

The woman checked with the her so-called friends before eating the nuggets and they told her they were Sunfed, a type of meat substitute. She only found out this wasn't the case the following day when the events appeared on Snapchat, accompanied by the other women showing the nuggets and laughing.

"My sister sent me a message telling me to check my friend's Snapchat story. The story was them showing the nugget packaging, and then showing them giving them to me (including the conversation where I asked if it was vegan). Then later, them mocking me and pretending to be me when I found out I ate meat," she explains on Reddit.

T​he victim has gone to the police to have the women charged under food tampering laws. However, as these tend to cover instances of threat to life, it's unclear how this will progress.

I​s this just a drunken prank or should the police do something about it?

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Comments (41)

  • It was a bit insensitive, but drunk friends do silly things. She will live.

      2 years ago
    • It was very insensitive. I'd never talk to my "friends" again.

        2 years ago
    • I think to be honest if they had been sober then I would do the same. But they were drunk, so it's moderately excusable.

        2 years ago
  • This kind of thing is what civil courts are for, not the police.

      2 years ago
  • Unless they're vegan for religious reasons it's ok

      2 years ago
    • She believed strongly that animals shouldn’t be eaten and followed that all her life. Do you think that’s less important that doing it for religious reasons?

        2 years ago
    • Pratically Religious at that point. Ok so it wasn't ok.

        2 years ago
  • I would think that, sadly, the police probably have better things to do with their time.

    Speaking of valuable time, I did find this on the internet :

    " Is it an offence to waste police time?

    Wasting police time

    Under s 5(2) of the Criminal Law Act 1967 (CLA 1967), it is an offence to cause a wasteful employment of the police by knowingly making a false report – either orally or in writing – to the police or anyone else that:

    an offence has been committed;

    there is a real threat to the safety of any persons or property; or

    they have relevant information concerning some police enquiry.

    Proceedings for this offence can be brought only by (or with the consent of) the Director of Public Prosecutions. It is a summary only offence and proceedings must be started within the six-month summary time limit. This is from the date on which the complaint was made, not from when the falseness of the allegation was suspected or uncovered.


    If you are caught wasting police time you could be jailed for up to six months and/or fined. Instead of taking you to court, the police might issue you with a fixed penalty notice under the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001 (CJPA 2001). This means you will have to pay a £90 fine but you won’t get a criminal conviction (the details will still go on the police computer though). "

    Perhaps people who like to scream and rant about the environment, ( instead of, for example actually studying it scientifically, as individuals ) , may wish to rethink their actions, go home and perhaps help mum with the dishes instead ?

      2 years ago
  • If you haven't had meat for over a decade, it can do weird things to your stomach. Apart from that: daft joke. I'd feed them shit in return.

      2 years ago