- Raw vegan influencer Alyse Parker has started The Carnivore Diet (source: Instagram)

Vegan influencer goes on all-meat diet

Alyse Parker's fans are not happy about it

Clare Wiley posted in Vegan
1y ago

It’s been a difficult time for the fans of the Instagrammer Alyse Parker. The raw vegan influencer (yes, apparently that’s a thing) became Insta famous for promoting an-all plant diet and making exercise videos. And she picked up a load of followers doing it.

But this month the vegan shocked and angered her fans by announcing… she’s now eating meat. Not only that, she’s *only* eating meat. Parker announced that she’s doing something called The Carnivore Diet.

She wrote: “With an online community of 800,000 people ~ many of which were primarily showing up for my vegan related content... I was a bit conflicted to say the least. ⁣

⁣But I knew I needed to make decisions based on what was in the best interest for my health.⁣

⁣I swallowed my pride + decided I’d give it a shot. Full onnn carnivore. I woke up the next morning feeling more mentally clear, focused, wholesome, and healthy than I had felt in years.⁣

⁣God bless. ⁣

But also, WTF?⁣

My vegan identity crumbled immediately.”

Some fans congratulated the influencer, but as you can imagine, there were some pretty furious reponses too. Plenty of people took it personally and felt betrayed - many fans had actually gone vegan themselves after following Parker and watching her grams and videos.

Follower Nicole Zach told Buzzfeed that Parker was “an inspiration” and that she “started a successful vegan lifestyle” after watching her videos. She said:

“When she announced she was eating meat again I couldn’t believe it. She used to be so devoted to veganism.”

“She can do whatever she wants of course, I just hope this change of diet and lifestyle doesn’t affect others. I would hate to see some of Alyse’s followers getting confused and considering eating animals again.”

Another fan called Haley said: “Up until [Alyse’s latest Instagram post] I would still reference her and be proud that she inspired me,” said Haley. “However, now I feel as though I listened to a hypocrite.”

Haley said she grew skeptical about Alyse’s motivations after seeing her do “a complete 180” about her lifestyle choices.

“Considering much of her product and basis of her career is on health and helping the environment, I do not think she has a care for anything besides herself,” Haley said.

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Comments (6)

  • Honestly we all should stop allowing ourselves to be influenced by anyone on social media

      1 year ago
    • My thoughts exactly. Do what you feel is right and that's it. You don't need someone to tell you what to do. If only more people remembered this....

        1 year ago
    • Thankyou for being a voice of calm and reason.

      The world always needs calm, reasoned independent individuals.


        1 year ago
  • If I eat meat or a vegetable comes down to if I want to eat it or not. Instagram shouldn’t come into it really.

      1 year ago
  • Well, why on earth would you care whether she starts eating meat or not? It's her choice and her life, not theirs.

      1 year ago
  • Hmmm, may I order the spinach pie please , with a pot of tea ?

      1 year ago