Vegan Junk Food in Covent Garden

Does VEGAN fast food 'BY CHLOE' actually live up the hype?

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Restaurant Review : "By Chloe", Covent Garden, London - Originally written in July, 2019.

Temptation finds her way onto your doorstep in a number of ways; an eBay reminder swinging into your inbox. The digital sound horn, literally shouting the unbought items of your shopping basket, stomping their feet at you, questioning why you haven’t bought those to-die-for shoes.. just a simple click ushers the desirable goods to your door.

The Golden Arches, whispering sweetly in your ear that 20 of her finest nuggets are definitely a good idea after that 4th ( okay maybe 6th ) work drinks g&t.

Temptation is everywhere I look, especially on my phone - single serving dopamine hits are drawn together on my newsfeed, entertaining the masses but feeding me knowledge of my next meal.

The visual imagery expressed by “by Chloe” sent my brain into over-drive from the start. How has this American vegan junk food brand found their way onto my newsfeed?

I’m addicted. Every post makes me hungrier, and instantly want to be a part of Chloe’s gang. The colours like a kaleidoscopic dilated my pupils more than a Sunday night in Glastonbury. I was hooked on the branding without even tasting a bite.

Finally, after not too much delay I made it to their first site in London, Covent Garden. As soon as you walk in you realise that THIS is the future. Faster than fast casual. A new breed of junk food - by Chloe had landed, and skidded into my heart in style. The Fonz style, no, Tarantino style - trigger fingers shot from the hip. Bang. Bang. She shot me down, bang bang.

The Guac burger was utterly delicious and made me question how other burger joint will evolve to compete - the pesto ‘meatball’ sub with a potato bun was, and I want to swear - it was like Sex. Great sex. Like sex with the ex after you’ve had a personal trainer for 6 months. I felt nourished, healthy and a little bit smug.

I started thinking about that taste the last thing before bed. I needed more, the temptation to return is all encompassing. I want more By Chloe sites on my doorstep - if I could eat like this forever I probably would.

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