Vegans miss milk chocolate the most

29w ago


When people think about going vegan, the popular belief is the thing they’d miss the most is cheese.

However, according to a survey by Veganuary – a global organisation encouraging people to go vegan in January – it is vegan versions of milk chocolate treats that vegans crave the most.

Given a choice of eight options, including cheesy snacks and chocolatey treats, and asked which ones they’d most like to veganise, 28% of respondents chose Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, followed by 14% of people choosing a Mars Bar, and 12% picking Chocolate Hobnobs.

The highest-rated cheesy item was Walker’s cheese and onion crisps with 10% of the votes, followed by cottage cheese at 9%. Babybel came last with 7% of votes.

Holding up the middle slots were pancakes (which there are lots of delicious vegan recipes out there for) and tzatziki, with 9% of the vote each.

“These results should be a stark wake-up call to companies like Cadbury’s Mars and McVities which are missing out on a huge potential market of sweet-toothed vegans,” says Toni Vernelli, head of communications at Veganuary. “With so many dairy-free milks, creams and spreads available, making vegan versions of their bestselling chocolate treats should be easy as pie.

“Dozens of major brands – including Richmond, Walls, Hellman’s, Magnum and Applewood – have released vegan versions of their bestselling products to enormous success. It’s time for major chocolate and biscuit companies to join the plant-based party.”

November is World Vegan Month. Have you thought about going vegan?

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  • Vegan for almost a year now and I miss neither cheese nor milk chocolate. I do miss a couple of pounds, though... 😜

      6 months ago
  • HU make some excellent chocolate substitutes.

      6 months ago