Veganuary Creeps into the Ready-Meal Aisle: Chicago Town's New Pizza

Who isn't doing a special edition vegan offering this year?

1y ago

It seems that every restaurant, coffee or fast food chain is in on Veganuary 2020! Veganism is quickly becoming the signifier of a company’s progressiveness, and everyone wants a piece of this cruelty-free pie… or should I say pizza.

Chicago Town, a supermarket pizza manufacturer, is the latest to cash in on the craze, with their all-new tomato stuffed crust pizza. Topped with BBQ sauce and topped with pepper, onion, dairy-free mozzarella and jackfruit, this one is sure to liven up the ready-meal aisle in any supermarket.

Jackfruit has become a staple of vegan cookery, with its stranded structure closely resembling pulled pork. It’s great to see a company like Chicago Town making a departure from their meat-heavy offerings and acknowledging the changing needs of their customers, and I really do hope this is the start of a number of vegan offerings. Only one question remains: when’s the vegan cheesy stuffed crust coming?

This, alongside the new releases from Pizza Hut, Greggs, McDonald’s and Nando's means that becoming vegan now requires very few sacrifices in taste or convenience. It reflects veganism’s now widespread status, and entry into the mainstream.

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Comments (2)

  • Here, NEAR the real Chicago, we roll our eyes at the mention of jackfruit as well as the meager application of the sauce in your Hero picture.

    (Meanwhile, within the real Chicago, veganism is spreading like crabs on shore leave sailors)

      1 year ago
    • yes ive no doubt these supermarket pizzas are to real chicago pizza what jackfruit is to pork. Agreed on sauce point, but theres only so many royalty free photos to pick from!

        1 year ago