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V​eganuary has reached the ski slopes of the French Alps

C​ould that be the faint death knoll of the cheese fondue we hear?

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If you've been on a European ski holiday, you'll know menus in the mountains are typically loaded with cheese, meat, eggs and carbs with dishes designed to fill a hole and restore energy levels after a long day carving up the slopes.

Think Croque Monsieur, tartiflette (a French-style cheesy potato bake with pickled onions and charcuterie) and cheese fondue with grilled steak to dip. Not exactly vegan friendly.

With over 250,000 people taking part in Veganuary 2020 UK chalet company Ski Beat are saying loud and clear: "no meat or dairy does not necessarily mean no skiing."

P​ea and mint soup served as Chalet Pierra Menta in France

P​ea and mint soup served as Chalet Pierra Menta in France

Any ski enthusiasts taking part in Veganuary can rest assured that each of their 59 chalets across France, nestled in popular ski resorts such as Val Thoren, Meribel and La Tania in the Three Valleys, serve delicious vegan options for the whole of January and beyond.

A seven night stay at Chalet Pierra Menta in La Plagne 1800 in the heart of the French Alps, for example, includes cooked vegan breakfast, afternoon tea with home-made vegan cakes and three course vegan evening meals, free of meat, dairy and other animal products.

T​he chalet also runs on a zero emission bio-mass heating system and also uses melted snow where untreated water can be used within the chalet, so it's an eco-friendly base as well.

Chalet Pierra Menta in La Plagne 1800 in the heart of the French Alps

Chalet Pierra Menta in La Plagne 1800 in the heart of the French Alps

“Ten years ago it was rare for our guests to request a meat free diet but now our chalet staff are trained to prepare and serve meals free from animal products," says Laura Hazell, Ski Beat’s sales and marketing director. "They can prepare vegan breakfasts, home made vegan cakes, and three course evening meals, such as our pea & mint soup followed by Moroccan chickpea casserole, parsley couscous, cabbage, cumin roasted carrots, and Vegan chocolate mousse.”

The chalet company have confirmed non vegan partners and friends accompanying will be offered Ski Beat’s regular menu or a vegetarian option.

“Our aim is to ensure all of our guests eat heartily and healthily, and that our hosts cater for food preferences and intolerances across the board," Hazell adds.

A t​asty vegan dish served at Ski Beat chalets throughout January

A t​asty vegan dish served at Ski Beat chalets throughout January

Plagne 1800 is in the heart of the Tarentaise region of the French Alps with great views of Mont Blanc. Sheltered in a quiet spot among the pine trees just below Plagne Centre, the self-contained village is the perfect spot for a family ski holiday.

Ski Beat’s Veganuary ski holidays depart throughout January with package holidays from £499pp (saving up to 30% in the January ski sale) including return flights and airport transfers.

Book your Veganuary ski holiday with Ski Beat here.​

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  • Sir Roger Moores favourite snack was baked beans on toast, and rog loved skiing, so

    I would make baked beans on toast for breakfast with a pot of tea.

    I like Nepalese cooking, so I generally tend to favour plainer flavours, for lunch

    So , I would have a pot of tea,

    leftover veg curry sandwiches.

    Chocolate brownies, which is a brilliant American invention.

    For dinner , I would bake

    Spinach and potato pie with wholemeal flour,


    A rice curry with potatoes, spinach, simmered cherry tomatoes, okra , and butter beans.

    Chick pea mash, with celery and carrot sticks.

    A selection of nuts.


    and some pb and j sandwiches.

    Creamed corn grits will give you some energy.

    2 minute noodles with chopped tomatoes and a sprinkle of any herbs and garlic powder is an easy one.

    And some jam, peanut butter, vegemite, left over veg sandwiches. wrapped in grease proof paper for the next days lunch on the slopes .

    With a thermos of tea.

      1 year ago
    • Wow who knew! Roger Moore had good taste I count beans on toast as a classic and underrated comfort food! But I’m afraid I would add grated cheese. Totally agree on Nepalese food, I was there last March and loved it. Thank you for the menu John!...

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        1 year ago
    • I tried vegan for a while and vegetarian.

      And I also considered breatharianism, but it required being committed so I avoided that one.

      At the moment I think people should just choose as individuals.

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        1 year ago