- S​ausage, sausage, sausage, egg, egg, chips, runic symbol?

V​eggie sozzers with egg ‘n’ chips - does it work?

T​o qualify as a sausage one must pass muster in this naked cafe classic.

1y ago

D​eprived of disguise from exotic Asian seasoning, the Richmond plant-based banger goes unarmed into the ruthless arena of short-order chefery. Does it simply belong in the pig bin?

F​ind out in the next exciting instalment of ‘Veggie sozzers with egg ‘n’ chips - does it work?’

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Comments (26)

  • Needs more beans.

      1 year ago
  • Cover it in Sriracha sauce and it might be OK

      1 year ago
  • If veg snags are just peas mashed together, then a plate of chips, mushy peas and a couple of eggs sounds like a breakfast.

    So if I get a bag of frozen mixed veg from the supermarket, which is the cheapest way to buy veges in outback Australia, and boil and mash them, and chuck eggs in the sunbeam electric frypan, that's a cheap enough feed.

    I'd add a dash fine machine ground white pepper.

      1 year ago
  • A little hot sauce and all will be fine

      1 year ago
  • I'd recommend some sauce and a pickle or two 🙂

      1 year ago