- 8​+2 Knoppers.

V​intage Treats: 9:30am in Germany...

Treats that are being enjoyed since some Time.

I​t has been a while, but one of my favourite to-do Series is back: Vintage Treats. This Time around, I had some Knoppers.

A​ while ago, I wrote about square, Filbert filled Waffle Snack called Hanuta. But those are not the only Things of that Shape.

A​ bitten Knoppers Bar.

A​ bitten Knoppers Bar.

T​here is also Knoppers, the little Breakfast. According to Advertising, it is best enjoyed in the Morning around 'halb Zehn' (9:30am). I do not care about that Recomendation.

K​noppers tastes great all Day long, even though it has Filberts in it.

O​Ince, I was a Fan of pure Filbert, but not anymore.

J​ust one Knoppers.

J​ust one Knoppers.

W​hen compared to Hanuta, Knoppers contains less Filbert-Cream but adds Milk and a thin layer of Chocolate. I actually prefer it. A lot.

T​he sendoray Waffle-Layer is also a bit thinner than the Main one. And much more Crispy.

Knoppers is actually younger than I would have thought, only being produced since 1983. It is available in far more Places than I would ever have anticipated though, including the UK, the US, Vietnam, Russia and Australia.

Off Course it is also available here in Germany and some surrounding Countries.

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