- A Tin of Pulmoll at School.

Vintage Treats: These French cough drops are really good

I really do like them. Even without having a cough.

7w ago

Most People would probably never think of picki up a cough drop without having a cough. Who does that?

Wellโ€ฆ I have always loved Pulmolls. More concretely, Cherry Pulmolls. They are just great.

There is Cherry Flavour and a bit of that awesome Cinnamon Spiciness. Did I say that they are Sugar free.

Sweetened with Stevia.

Sweetened with Stevia.

Obviously, that was not the Case when Frenchman Jacques Lafarge invented Pulmoll back in 1946.

He probably never imagined his Brand would be sold to a German Company, but it did happen.

By now, there are eleven different Flavours of Pulmoll. Like Cherry. And Classic. To be honest, I do not know any other Flavours.

But I have seen a few at the Supermarket where I bought my last, now empty Tin.

Many Drops.

Many Drops.

My only complaint with Pulmoll is that I might actually like those little cough drops just a bit too much.

They are flavourful and soothing when you need them. And they still flavourful when you do not.

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