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Vodka should not be used to make hand sanitiser...

Tito's Vodka takes to twitter to clear misinformation...

1y ago

Thanks to coronavirus people have to wash their hands way more frequently than you think. On the plus side, it is improving our cleanliness. But, there are times when you cannot wash your hands, for those times you need hand sanitiser. Thanks to coronavirus and everyone stocking up with it, there is a shortage of it. Due to this shortage, people are making their own DIY version at home through internet searches, some of them include Vodka.

Hand sanitiser smells like vodka, lets face it - it does. People are using Vodka as an ingredient in home made sanitiser, and Titos Vodka has taken to twitter clear misinformation about using it.

Titos is correct, hand sanitiser needs to contain at least 60% alcohol as instructed by the CDC (Centre of Disease Control and Prevention). Now, you could say that alcohol used for sterilisation, why not Vodka? This is because Alcohol used in sterilisation is 100% alcohol meant for medical use, not mass produced at a distillery which ready-to-drink.

..most vodkas are 40% alcohol..

Also, most of the popular Vodkas like Grey Goose, Stolichnaya, Absolut, Titos, etc, that are available at your local liquor shop are 40% alcohol. This means that if you mix these vodkas with any other ingredients to make hand sanitiser, the alcohol percentage will be much lower than 40%, which is not good.

To all out there - stay safe, wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitiser that is proper and available at your local pharmacy, not make at home one, which could be ineffective. As for Vodka, enjoy it responsibly.

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