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Jane Fyffe posted in Meat
1y ago

My husband's birthday for 2019 I marked an item off of his bucket list. I got him a Japanese A5 wagyu ribeye steak. Of course I couldn't afford for all of us to have the same treat. The rest of us had American wagyu burgers. I tried to get the best choice toppings for our burgers. We had lettuce, tomato, aged smoked cheddar and caramelized onions. That burger was so good, that you tossed everything to the side and just ate the patty with a bit of sea salt. *sigh* Anyways back to the steak! Even with it being raw it would almost melt in your hands due to the high fat marbling. Once cooked, OMG! Take a slice dab it in a bit of sea salt and it was oh so good. It melted in your mouth like butter. If you sliced it right you would probably have no problems eating it without teeth. I do not have a picture of the end product, I could not achieve a high enough temp to get a good sear. I even tried my torch! So instead of leaving you with a bad picture I will leave you with the before pictures in hopes that I have enticed you with words alone.

Makes my mouth water just looking at this!

Makes my mouth water just looking at this!

Any food items on your bucket list? Please tell in the comments!

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  • I never thought hamburger could be a lil tough and chewy . After waygu that's what normal hamburger is a lil tough and chewy with little flavor, spoiled for life now

      1 year ago