Wagyu chilli burrito.

Making burritos fancy.

45w ago

As all of you may know I love wagyu I am completely hooked. So I wanted to make a fancy and much better version of a taco bell chilito. I started with making my chilli without the beans and of course it was spicy as it should be. My wife made a nice cheese sauce from several types of cheese. I spread a layer of sour cream on the flour tortilla followed by some cheese sauce and shredded cheese. Foodtribe my mouth is watering already. Put a generous scoop of that wagyu chilli down and add more shredded cheese and jalapenos and a extra shake of cayenne.

If you all can get ground wagyu you need to try this it is so worth it. This was so good I am having a hard time describing all that goodness. It is very filling as well. With this it is very much a one and done type of burrito.

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