Walkers launches Easter egg, which is actually just crisps and wine

For all the savoury lovers out there...!

1y ago

Chocolate not your cup of tea? Well this Easter, Walkers crisps (of all people!) have got you covered.

The Sensations ‘Easter egg’ gift box features a 150g bag of Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli crisps, a bottle of Adobe Reserva Malbec, two stemless wine glasses, and a £5 Amazon Prime Video promo voucher.

All that is available for £19.99, and is meant to be shared between two-four people… It might just be us, but I’m not sure the last time a ‘share’ bag of crisps was enough for four people. Or a bottle of wine come to think of it…

The company says, “Indulge differently this Easter with Sensations’ answer to the classic Easter Egg – the ultimate Easter ‘Egg’ alternative for those with a savoury tooth.” 

According to Walkers, apparently 37% of the public think savoury snacks are available in more exciting flavours, and one in five think chocolate Easter eggs are just for kids.

As much as we love crisps, chocolate eggs are definitely a welcome treat for both young and old!

Buy yourself a Walkers Sensations 'Easter egg' (made of crisps and wine).

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Comments (7)

  • They must have read our chips and wine article 😂

      1 year ago
  • Words cannot express the sensation of this

      1 year ago
  • I want something like this for the US

      1 year ago
  • Media:

    "Wow! So you're bringing out your very own Easter Eggs this year!"


    "Well yes, but actually no"

      1 year ago
  • Someone’s been reading my dream diary...

      1 year ago