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Walkers launches four new footie-themed flavours

It's to celebrate the return of football this summer and they all have very punny football-inspired names!

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Football. The beautiful game. It's something that a lot of us haven't been able to enjoy in the way that we wanted to thanks to the ever-looming presence of COVID-19 and coronavirus-related lockdowns. With COVID restrictions slowly easing in the UK however, it looks like football as it was meant to be enjoyed will be back on the menu this summer. To celebrate this, Walkers has taken inspiration from one of Great Britain's favourite sports by creating 4 new footie-themed flavours that have some very punny names!

The new flavours will be called Steak and Ale ‘Pie-nalty’, Chicken ‘Tackle’ Masala, ‘Hotshot’ Hot Dog and Sour Cream And Chili ‘Kicker’ (you can probably guess which flavours those are supposed to be!). These flavours are all based on typical match day meals that you'd be able to get from the stands at your local club. The iconic Salt & Lineker crisps will return too in homage to English football legend and long-time face of Walkers crisps Gary Lineker.

"For some time, football fans haven’t been able to enjoy their favourite match-day meals, so ahead of all the football this summer we’re excited to unveil our brand-new crisps, Walkers Limited Edition Footy Favourites," Affy Halari from Walkers said about the new football-inspired flavours. "Inspired by iconic match day meals, our new and unique flavours of Hot Dog, Sour Cream and Chili, Steak & Ale Pie and Chicken Tikka Masala are the perfect snack to cheer on your team to glory."

Image: Walkers

Image: Walkers

The new flavours will go on sale from 17 May and will be able to be purchased as grab bags, sharing packs and multipacks from all major retailers across the country. A multipack will cost £1 RRP for 5 25g bags, a sharing pack will cost £1 and a 45g grab bag will cost 65p.

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  • Chicken Tackle is by far the best product name ever invented...

      1 month ago