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Walkers say that Monster Munch are actually...

The truth has been revealed, and some of you might not like it!

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Life is full of many great debates that span countless genera. Senna or Prost? Yes or no to pineapple on pizza? Did Han shoot first? And what shape are Monster Munch supposed to be? For anyone reading this who isn't from the UK allow me to explain.

Monster Munch are a legend tier crisp from the crisp creators Walkers. And yes, they are crisps, chips are chipped potato that have been fried and served with battered fish. Although Monster Munch are a puffed corn snack, not dissimilar to Wotsits, or if you are American, Cheetos. Monster Munch are available in three different flavours, each represented by a different monster mascot and differently coloured packet.

A corner stone of every cornershop crisp section.

A corner stone of every cornershop crisp section.

The pink monster represents roast beef, the yellow for pickled onion, and the blue for flamin' hot. That's the current line up, but it has changed over the years with different flavours appearing at different times in their 43-year run. But that's not what the argument is about, it is about their shape. Simply put, monster munch are a circle with four extensions coming from it on one side. But is it a foot or hand with claws, or in some inversions a monster itself?

Well, Walkers gave a vague answer on the matter in 2017 saying “whilst we think of them as monsters’ feet, we don’t want that to stop people from coming up with their own imaginative ideas.” But the arguments were not placated by this and raged on, leading to Walkers settling this once and for all.

They are claws.

The manufacturer cashed in on this debate by flogging limited edition 'monster shaped' ones alongside their 'original claw-shaped' snacks. And for those of you who haven't quite twigged it, they are the same. Walkers also put a poll up on Twitter which received a staggering 60,489 votes were cast and a whopping 74 per cent voted in favour of the claws.

Will Robinson at Walkers Snacks says: "Claw or Monster is a debate that has continued to divide British opinion as much as whether or not you put jam or cream on your scone first, or whether that famous dress was gold or blue." Oh good lord, don't start that dress debate up again Will!

"Therefore we felt it was only right to settle the debate once and for all, through launching our 'Monster' and 'Claw' shaped packs and asking the fans to decide - and now they have spoken... so moving forwards it won't be open to debate - they are officially 'claw' shaped forevermore!"

So that settles it. Now, I'm off for a pack of skips.

Oh and before I go, does anyone want a handbag shaped like a crisp packet? Yours for £1195.00.

Pale gold with a suede lining. Crisps not included.

Pale gold with a suede lining. Crisps not included.

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  • Good article. I always thought of them as feet. Btw you can keep the handbag it's just not my colour😊

      3 months ago