Want to get into pasta making? Here's everything you need

The best bit of any new hobby is all the new kit, right?

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Making pasta is immensely rewarding. It tastes so incredible, and elevates even the most average sauce to a showstopper meal. The process is surprisingly easy, and ripe for customisation. But without the right kit, you're going to find yourself fighting the dough. Here's everything you need to make yourself some fresh pasta with minimum hassle.

A Big Mixing Bowl

If there's one thing that I've learnt since getting a pasta machine, it's that cleaning flour from every crevice of your kitchen is the worst part of making it. You can save yourself a lot of mess by doing the initial mix of flour and egg or water in a large metal bowl. I find you can even keep the dough in here for kneading, meaning you only need to flour the side when rolling out the dough. (This later stage is far less messy than the mixing and kneading.)

Something like this ought to do. The bigger the better.

A Plastic Scraper

Getting the dough from one place to the next can be a bit tricky. Sometimes it can be rather sticky, and you can end up scratching bits of dried dough off things with your fingernails.

The simpler way to do this is by using a plastic scraper like this one. It's great for picking up dough and moving it without any getting left behind.

A Pasta Machine

To turn your dough into super thin pasta, you can use a rolling pin, but it might be a bit of a long job. A pasta machine is a relatively affordable commitment that will make pasta-making so easy that you actually bother to do it regularly.

This one is very popular, and currently has 20% off.

Dough Cutter

Divvying up your dough for the mangle can be done with a knife, but it's easier with a dough cutter. Most of these come with measurements so you can ensure accuracy when cooking. This is one of those utensils that you'll find yourself using for all sorts of jobs.

This one has a rather lovely wooden handle, if that's your kind of thing.

A Pasta Wheel

If you want to make ravioli, tortellini, farfalle, or any shapes that are more complicated than tagliatelli or spaghetti, you need to cut your pasta. Again, this can be done with a knife, but nothing rivals the finesse and control given by a pasta wheel.

This one has a nice wide blade, and cuts in that classic zig-zag pattern.


When cooking long pasta forms, it's sometimes tricky getting them to cooperate in the pan. A pair of tongs is great for preventing sticking and ensuring even cooking. It's also perfect for dragging the pasta into the sauce, bringing just enough cooking water with you to thicken up your sauce.

These ones come as a set of two, and have a silicone tip to protect your non-stick pans.

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  • Hmm, there's a pasta maker in the cupboard that has actually never been used. The reason? Making your own pasta is like sitting down to do art and starting by making your own watercolour paper. It feels unnecessary.

    One day I'll probably have homemade pasta and realise I was wrong about this.

      10 months ago