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Was Hannibal the best cooking show on TV?

The fine line between cannibalism and good taste...

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We all know what Cannibal... oops, I mean, Hannibal, is famous for. But this psychopath is not the average human flesh eater: he has a very decadent sense of taste. Bryan Fuller, creator and producer of the show, knows how to portray this stunningly, turning the goriest scene into a work of art.

NBC's Hannibal

NBC's Hannibal

Even though the show is about murder, the whole thing revolves around food, and oh my does it look delicious. The same way a medical show needs a doctor to be veracious, Hannibal needed a chef. The show hired Spanish chef José Andrés to create recipes, cooking styles and ingredients a real cannibal would use in the kitchen.

NBC's Hannibal

NBC's Hannibal

From a little scramble with meat to a whole Kalua-roasted leg, every single dish served in the show makes our mouths water.

We have to thank Janice Poon for this, the food stylist of the show. She’s responsible for making dishes look like human flesh and still look appetizing, even for people like me, who are not big meat-eaters. She has even written a recipe cookbook where you can find her favourite recipes of the show (don’t worry, you won’t need humans as an ingredient to make them).

NBC's Hannibal

NBC's Hannibal

And if all that was not enough to please every food lover, there is one last thing that makes this show special: the episode names.

Every episode name is related to a culinary theme. In the first season we can find French dishes and terms like “Apéritif”, “Amuse Bouche”, “Coquilles”... while the second season uses Japanese names such as “Futamono” or “Su-zakana”. And in the third season, we can find Italian names like “Antipasto” and “Secondo".

Would you eat anything, no questions asked, as long as it’s well presented?

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