- B​aby on left.

WATCH: a small packet of condensed Oh Cook!

W​ould be a massive hit in the clubs - if they were open.

15w ago

This magnum opus comes from the dashing digital imagination of Dave Wol, also known for his 'Cheese' re-mix.

It is to Oh Cook! what a jar of ready made paste is to chicken jalfrezi: quicker, more convenient, and amounting to the same thing.

S​ays Wol, speaking from behind an enormous pair of shades, 'James pretty much speaks in rap. Or he does by the time I've finished with him.'

B​ut Amazon's Jeff Bezos struck a more cautious note: 'We need to be careful with this sort of thing. If we let this Wol guy loose on The Grand Tour, the next special would only be about 30 seconds long. Then again…'

Dave Wol was sippen' on gin 'n' juice, and unavailable for comment.

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Comments (27)

  • But NO SPAM , it’s the devils food

      3 months ago
  • A-aw-aw-some!-!!

      3 months ago
  • good show!! But would there be a second season and maybe a new Toy Stories? They were fantastic!!!

      3 months ago
  • I think I saw 5 episodes yesterday, I’m really enjoying it! Im learning so much from all the facts you are sharing and gadgets you are using! And I love your hilarious comments 🙌 can’t wait to see the rest!

      3 months ago
    • Whilst placing lemon into the cavity of a chicken ....” now for the intimate bit” soooofunny, made me laugh out loud. He’s such a gentleman and so English

        3 months ago
    • Hahaha yes!

        3 months ago
  • Absolutely phenomenal! You can't go wrong with a video showing the many skills and much-loved humour of #JamesMay! 🌹💖

      3 months ago