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The eagerly awaited Christmas Adverts are here, which is your favourite?

2y ago

The release of the Christmas adverts has become an annual event, of itself. Even if you're not looking forward to Christmas, you can't tell me your ears didn't prick up the first time the new John Lewis Christmas advert came on the TV!

We love them!

It started off as a John Lewis thing. Every year they would try to tug on the heart strings a little more. Getting people in the holiday spirit with tales of rescued Christmases and loved ones almost missed. As each year passed, more of us would hod our breath waiting to see it. Would it make us cry? Would we instantly feel Christmassy? Or would they go controversial with a topical message.

That is not the kind of coverage other stores was to miss out on so, they have duly got onboard. We welcome it! It has caused each of them to raise their game, some even coming up with iconic characters that have year round parodies (I'm looking at you, Kevin the Carrot).

The wait is over, here is your complete set of 2019 Christmas adverts!

John Lewis

We start with old faithful, John Lewis. They tell the story of Excitable Edgar who looks set to ruin the big event. But, with the help of a good friend willing to go the extra mile, redeems himself and saves the day. He warmed his town and he has warmed our hearts!


The tail of a Tesco delivery man who's Christmas eve shift finds him travelling back in time to various different periods in the past. Christmas past receiving Christmas present and absolutely loving it.


Jack and Tilly turn up the Christmas cheer all over town when Tilly comes up with an ingenious way to collect and spread Granddad's left over magic. All your Christmas favourites, brought to life, thanks Tilly!

Marks & Spencer

M&S bucked the trend this year, deciding traditional just wasn't for them. All you need to get the Christmas celebrations underway is an M&S jumper under the tree!


Who is the last person you expect to see in a Walkers' Crisps advert? Its Mariah Carey, right? Well here she is! And in true Diva form, she is not for sharing with this Christmas elf!


Unless you count the sorrow that came with the below par spicy nuggets, i've never seen McDonalds as the most emotive brand. Well they've set about changing that this year, showing that your imagination is all you need to make Christmas special and bring the family together.


It's showtime for Kevin the Carrot and the flying Tra-peas, but not if bad guy Russel Sprout has anything to do with it. Christmas 2019 sees the return of the much loved character that has had shoppers queued out the door to get their hands on his plushie!


That's right, the coffee chains have gotten involved too and, having seen the advert, we are not sorry for that! This Christmas, the deliveries are set to be super speedy as the reindeer, and one honorary member, are fuelled not just by carrots, but by coffee!


Like father, like daughter in Argos' offering. This dad sees his childhood dream come to life as his daughter's Christmas request is the drum kit he never got as a kid. Together they transform the house into the greatest gig you've ever seen.


Even the big hitters are out in force this year, with Microsoft showing that its Surface can break down communication barriers and bring us all closer together. The reindeer may not be so pleased!

So that's out selection of the best Christmas adverts of 2019

Which is your favourite?

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Comments (4)

  • Can't believe you forgot the best... The main Christmas advert that's ever been around... Coca Cola!!!

      1 year ago
  • Love these. It's a good job I can't see them where I live or I'd be homesick every day.

      2 years ago