Watch: American rapper, 2 Chainz eat a $300 burger

Would you pay $300 for a burger?

2y ago

There are lots of expensive meals out there, some are unobtainable whereas others are just too pricey. For example, I am not a fan of spending £20 for a burger at Five Guys, but I go because they do some of the best around before you have to spend hundreds.

The American rapper 2 Chainz did a series on TV called 'The most expensivest', great title I know. In this show he tries really expensive foods and drinks. In this episode he went to try one of the world's most exclusive burgers. This burger costs $295 (£227) which is rather a large amount for a piece of meat between two bread buns, so what makes it so special?

Well, this burger goes by the name of 'Le Burger Extravagant' and it is filled to the brim (or bun in this case) with delicious items. The patty itself uses Japanese Wagyu beef which is infused with white truffle butter and some herbs. The bun has been dusted with gold flakes (of course). The bun even comes with its very own gold and diamond toothpick.

The cheese has been aged for 18 months in a cave like they do at cheddar gorge, only more elaborate I would think. On top of the burger you will see some truffle slices which come from Italy as well as some exclusive ketchup which no one cares about. On top of all this, the burger has Kaluga caviar which is the most expensive caviar in the world at $200 an oz. Oh, and there's a fried quails egg on top, just if you thought the burger wasn't already full enough.

So, as you probably guess, it goes down very well and the rapper is left very satisfied but it asks the question of whether or not the burger is actually worth that much. Personally, I would have happy enough sticking to Five Guys or Fat Burger as they both do really great burgers.

Which would you rather have?

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Comments (4)

  • Honestly... if you have Wagyu, some truffle, nice aged cheese, and some caviar, you could've made a nice Italian formal dinner instead. Even I can already think of a good antipasti and main dishes(primi/secondi) instead of sort of 'wasting' that into a burger...

      2 years ago
  • But... does it come with sweet potato waffle fries?

      2 years ago