Watch: Classic bar snack tasting and beer pairing

1y ago

In this episode, we see John and Al try to attempt pairing pub snacks with three Lord's Brewing beers using vocabulary from wine tasting. So sit down, grab some snacks and a cold one as John and Al talk nonsense for half an hour.😜🤪😭🤣

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Comments (4)

  • Now just a minute there Gents.

    Fish has no place near flavoursome beer. Fish based snacks are for Lager drinkers. So that's the Scampi finger stinkers and the dirty shellfish out.

    Beef crisps never taste of any beef I've ever had. Gone.

    Plain peanuts are just oily. Everyone knows its gotta be Dry roasted or Pistachios. Though since ashtrays were removed the pistachio debris needs a new containment system.

    I would suggest a trip to your local Costco or Amazon (other retailers are available) and procure yourself a jar of Kirkland &Anderson peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets.

    I promise you it's a revelation. Only discovered when a local shop turned into a craft beer bar and put them on the tables. Though a peanut allergy may render this rant useless to one of you.

      1 year ago
  • I like my shellfish also squid jerky is lovely with beer. However stinks so bad!

      1 year ago