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Watch: Eating the hottest Japanese curry at CoCo-Ichi

How hot could you handle?

1y ago

CoCo Ichibanya – or CoCo-Ichi – is the biggest Japanese curry house chain in the world. It now has more than 1,000 restaurants, including one in the UK. But it’s not just any kind of curry house… you choose your spice level from one to 10. Obviously we get our man Leslie in Osaka, Japan, to try the hottest one going.

Watch how he gets on.

Could you handle the heat?

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Comments (4)

  • Just saying, but for Koreans and other Southeast Asian people, Japanese curry is not even a sweat ;) Nice video review! It makes me want to go to Osaka again! Osaka's definitely the best place to eat in Japan.

      1 year ago
    • Coco-Ichi's is hottest actually quite hot. I mean, it is just more chilli powder chucked in.

        1 year ago
  • That looks delicious. Wonder if there are any locations here in the States

      1 year ago
  • When I go for Thai or Viet and order on the five point scale, I order 2 which is honestly the upper limit for me. I don't think I'd last 20 seconds at Coco-Ichi

      1 year ago