- Probably best not to eat prop ice cream though...

Watch: How does food look so good in adverts?

With just a few easy tricks you too can have stringy cheese, runny syrup, and ever lasting whipped cream.

Ever wondered how to get those shots of the perfect burger, steaming stews and soups where the garnish just floats so perfectly? Well, wonder no more as this video lifts the lid on how those beautiful press shots are achieved.

Yes, finally you can get that advert ready photograph of your food with these simple tricks. Will you be giving them a go during lockdown? Which ones could you get to work? Let us know in the comments.

However, do be careful with food hack vids... they aren't always as innocuous as they seem.

Be sure to check out Ann Reardon's debunking videos and remember to always be safe in the kitchen.

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