Watch: How the fluffiest cheesecake in the world is made

    It tastes amazing!

    1y ago



    One of the best things about visiting a new place is trying the local food and drink. I'm in Osaka to check out some of the best food Japan has to offer.

    This week I'm finding out the secret behind Uncle Rikuro’s insanely fluffy cheesecakes. These are possibly the jiggliest, fluffiest cheesecakes in the world.

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    Comments (5)

    • These cheesecakes look so cute and delicious! I saw a video about these awhile back and they've definitely stuck in my head as something I need to get whenever I am able to travel to Japan one day. You did a really nice video and I look forward to more FT On Tour videos!

        1 year ago
    • Defiantly want to try that cheesecake! Great video Leslie.

        11 months ago
    • I could watch that thing jiggle on a loop. It's GIF material

        1 year ago
    • I'm still so impressed you ate the whole thing Leslie...

        1 year ago